I am an introvert.  I hate socialising.  I could live my entire life buried under books – just being with myself and munching away a snack.  But life does not let you be the way you want it to be always.  I have had to make adjustments, faced alot of indifferences and I have tried…

Pursuit of Knowledge

Learn new things.  It helps to build  confidence . It keeps you happy.  And it is fun being a student again knowing that this time you will definitely do better. You could try your hand in anything as long as it makes you happy.  And remember there is no age limit to learning.Sometimes a particular skill…


Who does not want sucess?  But who wants to put an effort to climb the ladder of success? Those who strive hard are successful. Does success mean fame and money ?  Yes, in a way that is universally accepted to be termed as success.  However, if you have achieved the goal that you have set…


They say change is constant.   Change is necessary and important in one’s life.  Change must always be for the better.  Each morning I wake up deciding that I will do something different today.  The least I can do is to change the arrangement in my house to my liking.  It is just to bring about…


The image I conjure up when saying the word is someone red in the face, puffing and fuming and I can also see the smouldering heat coming out of the person !  The image seems funny but the person who is going through it will never find it funny.  On the contrary, you may get…


To appreciate and be appreciated are two wings for the flight of motivation. You need each other to reach a goal.


A smile can be the beginning of an unexpected bonding…..


Living your Life without fear is the breath of freedom. Don’t be shackled with Bullies around you…..


If you are contented with yourself then you will never drop down . No use of addictive substitutes will be required to lift you up.


Pursue your dream with the help of your hobby and be assured of an inner peace – happiness will prevail….