When you avoid making mistakes others consider you reliable – when you make mistakes you teach others to be tolerable. 


A young girl was returning home with her father after a check up when on the way her father felt dizzy.  She tried to hold his hand to support him as he was a tall man.  The house was close by but that day the distance from the doctor’s place to their home seemed far. …


Every school begins with an assembly by praying to God at the beginning of the day. After finishing school, the habit dies out. We rarely inculcate it in our daily lives , until and unless we are in deep trouble. Did you know that just sitting in silence and connecting yourself to the spiritual world…


To appreciate and be appreciated are two wings for the flight of motivation. You need each other to reach a goal.


A Teacher’s job is not limited to imparting knowledge, it is limitless where building better lives are concerned……..