Season is the Reason

Strange how the weather can affect one’s mood.  A sunny day in summer brightens up your day.  Life seems so good.  All is well.  You are happy.  A cloudy day can cloud your mind too, making you feel dull and tired.  A wintry day depresses you.  The cold outside touches its cold hands even in…

Invaluable lesson

Recently a friend of mine had to sell her house and certain valuables so as to pay off her debts caused due to the lockdown.  I know of many others who were forced to give up their car and certain household items which were on loan because they were unable to pay the EMIs owing…


The word ‘Trust’ is so lost in today’s material world that one wonders about its existence.  Has it gone extinct?  Doing simple things like walking down the road or just buying your grocery has become so unpredictable today.  You never know who will cheat you and how.  If help is needed can you trust the…


A few days back I was scanning through my picture album and it took me back down memory lane.  Such wonderful times of togetherness! The hugs, the kisses, the holding of hands and singing in cacophony, favourite songs sometimes off tune.  Those were the days!  After fondly going through the album that brought about nostalgia,…


When you avoid making mistakes others consider you reliable – when you make mistakes you teach others to be tolerable. 


A young girl was returning home with her father after a check up when on the way her father felt dizzy.  She tried to hold his hand to support him as he was a tall man.  The house was close by but that day the distance from the doctor’s place to their home seemed far. …


It is so much needed by you and me.  Respect experience because it is unique to each person.  Some are rich in experience while others are a little hesitant to jump into the world to see and therefore end up poor in it. We learn to respect and acknowledge experience beginning from our parents and…


They say change is constant.   Change is necessary and important in one’s life.  Change must always be for the better.  Each morning I wake up deciding that I will do something different today.  The least I can do is to change the arrangement in my house to my liking.  It is just to bring about…


The image I conjure up when saying the word is someone red in the face, puffing and fuming and I can also see the smouldering heat coming out of the person !  The image seems funny but the person who is going through it will never find it funny.  On the contrary, you may get…


Every school begins with an assembly by praying to God at the beginning of the day. After finishing school, the habit dies out. We rarely inculcate it in our daily lives , until and unless we are in deep trouble. Did you know that just sitting in silence and connecting yourself to the spiritual world…


A smile can be the beginning of an unexpected bonding…..


Living your Life without fear is the breath of freedom. Don’t be shackled with Bullies around you…..


If you are contented with yourself then you will never drop down . No use of addictive substitutes will be required to lift you up.


Pursue your dream with the help of your hobby and be assured of an inner peace – happiness will prevail….


Happiness lies in sharing and caring especially when you squeeze in precious time for those whom you have taken for granted and now forgotten…..