It is so much needed by you and me.  Respect experience because it is unique to each person.  Some are rich in experience while others are a little hesitant to jump into the world to see and therefore end up poor in it. We learn to respect and acknowledge experience beginning from our parents and…

Pursuit of Knowledge

Learn new things.  It helps to build  confidence . It keeps you happy.  And it is fun being a student again knowing that this time you will definitely do better. You could try your hand in anything as long as it makes you happy.  And remember there is no age limit to learning.Sometimes a particular skill…


I have known of so many success stories that began with a dream. Without following a dream it is difficult to reach anywhere. You will just be wandering. A dream gives you a goal to reach for. Sometimes it is a dream that can help you focus on your future and if the dream is…


What a common topic to write on! But strangely this is something that very few value. Is it because it appears to be easily available? Or is it because we are so indifferent towards it that we don’t notice it slipping away? These words “time waits for no one” is so apt. Time flies and…


Not long ago I thought I had what is called writer’s block.  Sometimes I wonder if it is just a hypothetical idea. Does this writer’s block really exist?  Or is it that you are not inclined to the arts (as practicality takes the upper hand) so you just don’t move ahead.  I guess with me,…


If you are contented with yourself then you will never drop down . No use of addictive substitutes will be required to lift you up.


Pursue your dream with the help of your hobby and be assured of an inner peace – happiness will prevail….


Joy and Sorrow, Life and Death are two sides of the same coin. Learn to live with it…..


Happiness lies in sharing and caring especially when you squeeze in precious time for those whom you have taken for granted and now forgotten…..