Exams are fast approaching and as a teacher, I have been busy revising lessons and helping students with their difficulties that don’t seem to end.  This time everything has been different – the teaching-learning process.  It has been difficult for me as a teacher to understand the technicalities that I need to know to help…

The Power of the Mind

The heart and the mind are the two most important entities that can rule a person.  Here I  specifically write about the mind.  The mind can make you do wonderful things.  That positive attitude is in the mind.  If you feel defeated, or victorious, it all lies in the mind.   One can reach the heights of…


Communication is the only bridge to help you cross over the turbulent waters of misunderstandings and prejudices.


To appreciate and be appreciated are two wings for the flight of motivation. You need each other to reach a goal.


If you are contented with yourself then you will never drop down . No use of addictive substitutes will be required to lift you up.