Distraction is good

Seema is burdened with tension.  She is a single mother trying to make both ends meet.  Ranjeev is waiting for the results of the competitive exams that he had appeared.  Will he get through and get a government job to help him support his parents?  Nisha broke up with her fiance.  She is struggling to…


Life can become an ordeal if you live with fear. Break the shackles of fear if you want to live and breathe freely.  People have different kinds of fears – fear of heights, fear of insects, fear of failure….so many,  that writing them down will fill my page.  Sometimes I am just fearful and anxious…


To appreciate and be appreciated are two wings for the flight of motivation. You need each other to reach a goal.


Living your Life without fear is the breath of freedom. Don’t be shackled with Bullies around you…..