Every school begins with an assembly by praying to God at the beginning of the day. After finishing school, the habit dies out. We rarely inculcate it in our daily lives , until and unless we are in deep trouble. Did you know that just sitting in silence and connecting yourself to the spiritual world…


Communication is the only bridge to help you cross over the turbulent waters of misunderstandings and prejudices.


To appreciate and be appreciated are two wings for the flight of motivation. You need each other to reach a goal.


A smile can be the beginning of an unexpected bonding…..


A principled person is often a disciplined person……


Living your Life without fear is the breath of freedom. Don’t be shackled with Bullies around you…..


If you are contented with yourself then you will never drop down . No use of addictive substitutes will be required to lift you up.


Pursue your dream with the help of your hobby and be assured of an inner peace – happiness will prevail….