Season is the Reason

Strange how the weather can affect one’s mood.  A sunny day in summer brightens up your day.  Life seems so good.  All is well.  You are happy.  A cloudy day can cloud your mind too, making you feel dull and tired.  A wintry day depresses you.  The cold outside touches its cold hands even in your heart.  You tend to feel life’s bitter truth is unburdened only upon your shoulders.  You have to carry the burden alone.  The incessant rain makes you cry, reminding you of all your heartbreaks and yearnings.   However, some love the rain.  It feels as if the rain has washed away all your sorrows and you are rejuvenated.   Thus even seasons can influence your emotions or rather the weather can change your emotions. Therefore it is not just your fault for feeling blue on certain days.  It happens to all-the weather affects all.  Be patient.  Blame it on the weather.  It will soon pass.  Just don’t make impulsive life-changing decisions when you are in such a depressing mood.  Give yourself time to rebound, then think it over.  Be assured your earlier decision will change..and change for the better.

Our body also experiences different seasons – infancy, babyhood, childhood, adolescence, youth, middle age and old age, causing one to be happy sometimes sad.  You can’t blame yourself always.  Understand yourself and give yourself time.  Everything will soon come back to normal. 

As one grows older our body undergoes several changes sometimes unseen to our naked eyes. Hormonal changes affect our state of mind causing us to react to certain things absurdly.  That is when you need medical attention.  Take care of yourself by being attentive to your physical and mental changes.

Remember even nature has its time to bloom and so do you.  Make the most of your bloom time.  Don’t let it go in vain by worrying yourself about problems that have solutions.  Avoid making mistakes that would cause regrets later.  Always keep your spirits high. Till then life goes on.

One Comment Add yours

  1. Joanne A says:

    There’s a time and season for everything.
    And the times and season affect a lot of things around you.


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