Invaluable lesson

Recently a friend of mine had to sell her house and certain valuables so as to pay off her debts caused due to the lockdown.  I know of many others who were forced to give up their car and certain household items which were on loan because they were unable to pay the EMIs owing to loss of job.  Did this pandemic give us an intimation of its coming?  Do bad times tell us and come?  No friends, it takes us unawares.  Good times and bad times have their own time.  One needs patience, not arrogance to deal with it. 

Small items in your house which we take for granted, when it goes out of order, we realise its importance and the need increases during its absence.  Today the pandemic has taught me to value all that I have, whether big or small.  The pandemic has brought the world to a standstill.  All the ordinary and mundane things one used to do before the pandemic has all of a sudden gained so much importance in one’s life today.  Like going out for a picnic,  having friends and family over on Sundays or just going for a walk or even buying your grocery.

Therefore let us not wait for such tsunamic changes to occur to value all that we have.  Things in your household that you took for granted can just go away due to uncalled for losses.  Family and friends whom you took for granted and never bothered to thank or appreciate can suddenly be no more with you.  The pandemic has taught me the greatest lesson of all – value all that you have before it is too late.   These hard times will always be remembered for not just the difficulties mankind has gone through but also this invaluable lesson it has taught us.

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