The word ‘Trust’ is so lost in today’s material world that one wonders about its existence.  Has it gone extinct?  Doing simple things like walking down the road or just buying your grocery has become so unpredictable today.  You never know who will cheat you and how.  If help is needed can you trust the passerby?  Just trusting can give you a sense of security.  The worse that can happen is losing the trust of your loved ones.  Trust is so fragile that even a small push by mistake can crack it.  And the crack shows forever even if you have taken the trouble to repair it. So remember to hold it carefully and gently.  Show it off but hold it with utmost care.  There is no one in this world to whom you do not need to display your trust.  It is one action other than love that should be unconditional.  It is something that comes from within and all of us must nurture it for the benefit of others and the world as a whole.  So I trust that we will be able to hold it up to show all, to make our world secure thus making it a better place to live in.


I chose to trust
A world that has lost
It’s trust in everybody.

I want to trust,
And be responsible,
For what the world holds for everybody.

I know it is a must,
To hold one’s trust,
And be of service to everybody.

Let us together trust,
And place it on a pedestal first,
So that it shines on everybody.


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  1. Diksha says:

    Nice post 👌

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Joanne A says:

    Really nice.
    Trust is something so strong that can bind people together, and so fragile that one little misstep can break it.
    Thanks for sharing!


    1. True..thank you so much for reading and appreciating.

      Liked by 1 person

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