A few days back I was scanning through my picture album and it took me back down memory lane.  Such wonderful times of togetherness! The hugs, the kisses, the holding of hands and singing in cacophony, favourite songs sometimes off tune.  Those were the days!  After fondly going through the album that brought about nostalgia, I began to wonder whether would we ever in future be able to have such warm and joyful moments without the barrier of masks and fear of Covid..?

Thanks to the one who invented the camera, we are able to freeze such fond moments in posterity.  I was told that our brains too work like cameras and bring back memories when we try to recall them.

Memories are good if they trigger a feeling of joy and happiness.  We often consciously bring back memories so as to make ourselves happy and sometimes sad.  We need to purposefully and mindfully erase memories that bring grief, disappointment or heartbreaks.  Our goal in life is to be happy then why bring back sad and disappointing memories?  These sad memories must be placed at the furthest part of our mind, never to be retrieved.

Memories must be good always so that when you are alone you can reminisce the good old times with a smile on your face and just a tug in your heart.  Good memories must be there to stay to relive them during gloomy days so as to pep you up.  Without good memories, our present moments will not get the boost to live through trying times.  We, therefore, need to make our present happily memorable because soon we will be left with just memories to fill up our lonesome days in future.  Good memories make healthy people – in body, mind and soul.

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