Distraction is good

Seema is burdened with tension.  She is a single mother trying to make both ends meet.  Ranjeev is waiting for the results of the competitive exams that he had appeared.  Will he get through and get a government job to help him support his parents?  Nisha broke up with her fiance.  She is struggling to heal her broken heart. So many are drowning themselves in worry for one reason or another.  Life is not smooth sailing for anyone.  Life is difficult.  But must one drown in worry or help oneself face the battles of life?

Problems are there to stay.  You overcome one and soon another follows.  If you constantly dwell in your sorrows, it never ends.  Therefore, distract yourself by keeping yourself busy reading, painting, exercising, doing anything that can distract you, so that when you return to the problem later, it will change your perspective of the problem itself.  Then understanding and solving the problem gets easier.

It is better to drown yourself in work rather than dwell in the darkness of sorrow. Work is the best way to avoid worrying.  Work, work and work till you are ready to face your problem.  Work is the interval you give yourself from worrying.  It relieves and relaxes you in the end.  So work yourself from worries to overcome them in the end.  It sounds contradictory but believe me, it works.

When bad times attack your peace you can’t run away from it.  Face it bravely.  Whatever the outcome remember you are always the winner, for you have not succumbed to it.
Life is like a jigsaw puzzle, you need to find the right piece to fit.   In the meantime work yourself to distraction.  You will soon find the perfect piece in an unexpected place.

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