Environment and you

Today is world Environment Day.  We are so busy with our mundane life that we fail to see the flutter of the leaves, the blooming of flowers or the bend of the branches laden with fruits.  Some of us are surrounded by skyscrapers so we are left with the view of just the sunrise and sunset which I am sure most do not even bother to take in its beauty.  Remember, humankind came into this world with nature as our gift.  We must continue to nurture this gift so that it makes us whole.

We fail to realise that we live because of our environment.  Our joys and sorrows are reflected in our environment.  Every time you look out of your window and view a dilapidated house, a broken tree or a polluted canal, it will reflect your emotions strongly making you feel gloomy, sorrowful and heartbroken. Therefore what you see is what you feel.

It is important to live in a healthy environment to feel positive.  If we continue to ignore our surroundings and pollute it like as if it does not belong to you, we will soon be left with nothing to appreciate.  It is high time we take the initiative of saving our environment.  You can do your bit by potting a couple of plants, having a small kitchen garden at home or growing trees at places that can enhance the beauty of the surrounding. Just don’t let lack of space be a deterrent.  Even forming a small club in your area that is dedicated to the environment will be a boost not only to your surrounding but will build that confidence in you for the upliftment of a cause. 

If everyone does their bit in their own way, we will definitely have an environment conducive to better living which in turn will build confident and happy people.  Today, nature depends upon your good nature – hold it, fill it, care for it.  This environment belongs to you, be worthy of it.

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