Quest for Happiness

In today’s scenario, all of us are searching for happiness but in vain.  Those who are wise have not needed to search far because they know that it lies within them.  However, most of us measure our happiness based on another’s success or achievement.  Which is the main reason for us running in circles and reaching nowhere.  My financial gains must be equal to another’s, if not more, then I have achieved happiness.  My house must be bigger than another’s then I have achieved happiness.  If your happiness is so dependent on such material needs then you will be far from being happy because wants and desires keep increasing.   When desires and wants decrease happiness increases.

It is difficult to be content.  But strangely it is those who are content that is happier.  I may have a small home but it gives me comfort therefore I am happy.  I don’t have a lucrative job but it keeps me sufficiently busy and I enjoy it, therefore, I am happy.  I may not have a huge wardrobe but what I have signifies my personality therefore I am happy.  I cannot afford to eat in a five-star restaurant but the places I have my meals in serve good and tasty food, therefore I am happy.

I can find several reasons to be happy and I can find several reasons for not being happy.  The choice is yours.  Would you like to dwell on the reasons for your unhappiness or on being content with what you have?  Again the choice is yours.  Therefore happiness is your choice.  It is not a difficult choice if you have only yourself in mind.  The moment you try measuring yourself with another, your choice begins to stagger and you end up confused.  Keep yourself in mind when it comes to understanding happiness because what makes you happy will not be another’s happiness.  Learn to be happy with yourself, the world will not always be happy with you or for you.  You are the maker of your happiness.  You will choose to be happy because you love yourself. 

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