I care…

The times when we had physical classes seems a long time ago now.  There are so many advantages of having physical classes.  The best thing is of having eye contact.  This itself speaks volumes and can convey a thousand emotions.  It is an all-powerful tool for a teacher.  Without this, one feels lost and handicapped.  However, with this pandemic, adjustments must be made.  Situations must be accepted and life must go on.

Coming to talk of eye contact, it is not merely this, children need that physical contact for reassurance, like a pat on the back, a quick hug or a loving hand squeeze.  All this can send positive vibes that enhances learning and assures the child of unconditional support and encouragement.

Do you believe that only a child requires us to display such acts of encouragement and assurance?  No my dear friends, even as adults we have that one side of us which is constantly crying for appreciation, encouragement and assurance.  Just a pat on the back  to show appreciation will increase your friend’s  self esteem and trust in you.  An occasional hug given to your partner in the course of the day will give her/him a feeling of security.  The warmth that flows with a hug is healing for both.  The constant eye contact you have with your children along with such body language will send positive vibes that will help strengthen relationships.

Today all of us are so busy in our lives that we inadvertently forget the needs of our near and dear ones.  We are so busy replenishing their material needs that we fail to realise the importance of satisfying their emotional needs. 

Demonstrating your feelings will keep the bond alive.  It doesn’t take up much time to give a passing hug or a pat on the back or even a loving squeeze of the hand.  No need of tall words or long and flowing sentences.  It is the easiest way to send your message across.

A simple tap is different from an appreciative pat.  A loving squeeze will never want a release.  And a bear hug will definitely unplug the feelings of insecurity.  All this sends the same message – ‘I care’.  So do it now.  The message you send will undoubtedly be loud and clear –  ‘I care’ !

Everytime you pat someone’s back, squeeze a hand with love or just simply give a hug, the message you send is – ‘I care’.  Do it often.

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