Every individual in this world has his or her idiosyncrasy that can unnerve the onlooker. For example, my relative finds it hard to sleep without the blanket that covers her from head to toe, whatever the season.  Another friend must have his bed tea as soon as he wakes up or else he is in an awful mood.  And there is my good friend who has many sets of the same patterned dress of different colours. There is one acquaintance who has painted all the four walls of his living room in four different colours!  What can you say to all of them!  One can just stare open-mouthed.

Since all of us have our own idiosyncrasy, it is difficult to judge another.  In a household, there may be so many quirky habits each one of us has to bear that we learn to tolerate them and we soon begin to ignore it if it is impossible to bring about a change.

Some kinds of idiosyncrasy if harmless to another can be overlooked.  But there are some who are unable to tolerate such quirkiness and lo! there comes the crack that begins to slowly break a relationship.
Remember that before blowing up just stop to think whether is your quirkiness also causing irritation to your partner? At such times the issue can be resolved just by talking about it and coming up with a compromise.

Strangely, most of us are born with it therefore one often needs to accept it with a pinch of salt.  As long as there is harmony between all why make an issue out of something that is difficult to change?

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