Shades of love

Love is universal.  Love is for all. There are different shades of love we experience in our life.  They are unique and distinct. Love that burns between lovers is so different from the love that we have between friends. The love of a mother is different from the love that a father shows to his children.  The love between siblings is different from the love that one has for one’s spouse.  All these shades of love come under one umbrella called Love.

Friends, love is important to all in one’s life.  When love blooms so do you.  Love is the most positive emotion, in whatever shade it may be.  It is all-encompassing to one’s body, mind and soul.  The act of giving and receiving love is the greatest of all.  Therefore today we need it to heal the heart mind and soul before the virus takes over.

Today we need to keep this love alive to help us move on in these hard times.  Whatever the shade of love, exhibit it to your loved one. Who knows, tomorrow you may not be there to show it.  This is because life is so unpredictable today.

It is love that we need today to keep us alive and moving.  The positive flow of love has also the power to heal.  Today we are forced to live under one roof for several hours with the ones we love and those we, unfortunately, do not love.  Therefore, there is one thing you must keep in mind – Love grows while Hate festers.  Which would you choose?

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