Win a Lost Heart

What must one do when a relationship is beginning to turn sour?  It is difficult for both to come to terms with each other.  Whether it is a boyfriend – girlfriend, mother-daughter, father-son, or husband-wife relation, the idea of getting back together seems impossible when tempers are high.  If it keeps repeating then there are bound to be heartbreaks and heartburns.  Your first positive step is to avoid such scenes from breaking loose.  Gather those fragments and try to put them together delicately by healing the cracks.

Relations are easy to make but difficult to maintain.  As the years pass, most relations hang on a rope that has weathered with time.  If the rope is not fixed and repaired from time to time, the relationship could break.  Therefore, any relationship must take a break from their seemingly mundane togetherness to get refreshed and started again.  Go for a holiday.  It is the best that you can do.  Once refreshed, you will begin looking at the relationship from a different perspective.

The great big word that has just three letters can create havoc in any relationship.  The word is Ego.  It has the last laugh in a broken relationship so beware of it!  When the ‘E’ from the ‘WE’ goes, you have an ego, and unless you let it go, it will continue to cause pain to either of you.  So remember to always keep the E with WE.  Doing things together and appreciating each other will help your relationship grow.

Not everyone realizes that mistakes are committed by all, therefore apologies too must be accepted graciously. When you readily apologize, it also sends the message that the mistake will never be repeated.  Period.

When love is in the air, you will never do anything that your partner dislikes.  So respect each other’s likes and dislikes, then living with each other will be smooth sailing.  Neither one will step on each other’s toes, and walking through life will be like a waltz.

Praise and appreciate each other generously.  Don’t hold back.  Who knows, your one word of praise can bring about a great transformation. 

Be aware of each other’s presence and respect each other for who you are.  It is only through love and understanding that you can win hearts. So you must take the first step if you want to win a heart back!

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