What is your talisman?

The covid situation in India has become so depressing.  When the phone rings I fear to hear some sad news of a friend or relative.  Each day gets worse than the previous and then you begin to wonder whether is this the beginning of the world coming to an end?  It is scary, leaving us anxious because there are so many unfulfilled dreams.   With all this heavy on my head, I decided to shake it off by listening to my favourite songs saved on my playlist.  What a relief!  It at least steered me away from all those depressing thoughts that can slowly kill you.  It helped.  It refreshed and rejuvenated me for the day.

The present scenario is not a good one.  Young students are left with no idea whether the government exams will ever take place. Their future depends on it.  The situation being so unpredictable, one is left to wonder whether one must prepare for it or not?
 Youngsters who are waiting for a break in their career are left in a lurch endlessly waiting without hopes. The poor are helpless, the aged are terrified while the not so old are feeling fettered or caged.  All this because of the lockdown thanks to the virus.  There are thousands in hospitals battling with the Covid infection.  There is fear, chaos and anxiety everywhere looming large.

Dear friends here is a way to help yourself from drowning in these depressing times.  Lift your spirits by doing something you love.  Play your favourite song,  movie or wear your best dress.  Wear your make up, look your best.  So what if you have yourself to look at! If it is going to lift your spirits, then do it.  Just do that favourite step on that favourite song.  Cuddle your pet a little more.  Paint and draw to drive away your blues.  Use your favourite colours.  Oh yes, you could make your favourite dish or bake your favourite cake.  Only do not allow yourself to get depressed with this disastrous virus.  Let it not kill us with just its name.

It is important to have favorites, be it a song, dance, dress, movies, or even food. They are your talismans to keep you happy.  Keep these talismans for such times, to lift your spirit and give you that pep you so desperately need.  These are times to be positive or you could sink with depression.  So keep yourself strong with your favourites. I call it talismans.  What is your talisman? 

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