Nothing lasts forever…

All that you have, all that you see is temporary, for nothing lasts forever.  Therefore avoid getting over-attached to people or things. Relationships change owing to time and experiences.  People change with time.  Sometimes you cannot lay the blame on anyone as circumstances can also be a major cause for change of heart, mind or soul. 

Live to the fullest.  Do what is right and goodness will follow you.  Continue to reach your goal keeping in mind that the past will always remain in the past and your present will soon be your past.  So to make your future better, have a good present by learning from the past.

One tends to stagnate physically and emotionally when you hold on to people or things too closely.  Give yourself space to move, to breathe and think.  Do not clutter your life by hoarding things or even people.  One day you will be forced to set them all free.

What you need are just essentials in this world, the rest are luxuries.  The same thing goes with your relations.  What you need to value is true relations the rest are just passing phases that rarely hold ground.  They are passing experiences.  They should not hold importance.  Only then you will live your life with the true spirit of freedom.  Do not hold on to unnecessary relationships or things.  They are all cumbersome in your journey of life.  Since nothing lasts forever, keep only that which is close to your heart, the rest is superfluous.  Only then can you have a carefree yet meaningful life.

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