Dignity of labour

Work is worship.  Whatever the work you are assigned to do, do it well.  Satisfaction comes when the work is completed to your best.  What is greater than the feeling of achievement at that particular moment?  However small the work seems, do it well.  This is all that matters.

You may have been demoted probably for no fault of yours.  You could also have been asked to resign owing to some politics played by your superiors.  Ignore it all.  Just concentrate on the work at hand.  Do it to the best of your ability and shame those who undermined you.

When you concentrate on your work alone, the other unnecessary goings-on at your periphery will be ignored.  These unnecessary activities are your distractions.  Remember your goal and move ahead.   We often complain about the workload or the staff, and even our surroundings.  One of the most common human quality is complaining.  We are always dissatisfied. You must change your perspective if you want to be surrounded by positivity around you.  You must first begin to be content, happy and grateful for what you have.    You have chosen the job for whatever reason, then prove yourself worthy of it.  For this, you need to love your work.  Bring yourself to value your work and position.  Good and diligent workers will never be ignored.

To be proud of what you are doing, you need to do your job well.  A task when accomplished will give you a good and a night of peaceful sleep.  Nothing is more gratifying than achieving your goal and being appreciated for it.  Remember even a menial job if done well will enhance the surrounding and bring pride to you.  So whatever the task, do it with your heart.  Be grateful for being entrusted the job, for there are so many jobless, desperate to make a living.   Remember, an enthusiastic worker never tires.  So be the best by doing your best, the rest falls in place.

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