So often we get lost in the milieu of our social contacts.  Each one influences us in different ways – some positive, some negative.  Right from our formative years at home, then at school, the contacts we make have a big hand in moulding us.  Not all relationships mould us positively and not all contacts influence us negatively.  We are constantly observing, sifting, perceiving people, sometimes subconsciously, and then we slowly inculcate habits and interests based on what we see, sometimes what we admire.

Soon, before we even realise it we find ourselves behaving like someone else.  Pretending to be someone else because it brings social acceptance.  Pretending to be the other person because you admire the effect it has on your peers.  How long can you prolong the pretence?  How long can you play the role of someone that you are not?
As teenagers, this behaviour is understandable, but as one grows into a young adult, imitating and pretending to be someone you are not will give you away!  It can never last forever.  Your essence is what spills out in the end, so why hide it?  Rather love yourself and spread your unique fragrance to the outside world.  Whether they like it or not, is up to them.  You cannot force someone to like you.  It has to come from within.  It has to be genuine, only then will the relationship last. 

All strong relationships have no pretences.  The more the pretences, the more fragile will the relationship be.  When you build relations based on lies, it breaks heavily causing damage to not just you but to those to whom you mean a lot. So if you are looking for a long-lasting relationship, then be You!

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  1. coffeebreakdiaries says:

    Enjoyed reading the article. Its very true that for a stable relationship and a stable life, one has to be original.

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  2. Wonderful message
    Thank you


  3. Nita Nair says:

    Loved this!!!!!


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