To forgive is divine – it is said so because it is not easy to forgive.  It takes a lot of effort and thought to be able to forgive.   Depending on the mistake committed, forgiveness asked is often weighed and given. 

In our daily life, how often are we able to forgive our friends or family?  How often do we turn our backs to our neighbors for something done that you felt was not appropriate?  How often do we make a mountain out of a molehill?  Do we ever stop and think if this attitude is helping us mutually in any way? If it is helping in a positive manner then definitely move ahead, you are in the right direction but if it is causing hurt and discomfort to all around including yourself, then it is time to forgive and forget.

It is only when you let go, then you will be able to live in peace.  You feel light from within and the door to happiness will not be jammed anymore when you try opening it.  It is similar to releasing an inflated balloon in the air.  Watching a balloon rise without the string attached gives you an elevated feeling.

So to help you to move ahead in life you must clear the air by forgiving.  Once you do that you will be able to breathe easy and things get happier around.  Remember your happiness is reflected in your surroundings.  So give by forgiving, for you have a lot to gain by giving.

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  1. okaylife says:

    Great article, thank you


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