The letters in the word ‘Listen’ are the same as in the word ‘Silent’.  So important to be silent when you listen.  You can gain more by listening than by just talking.

Listening is of two kinds – to listen when someone speaks and to listen to the underlying unspoken message.  The two are different in their own way.  We often ignore both because we do not realize its importance until time has elapsed between what was spoken and what was heard.

One needs to get into the habit of listening.  You not only gain knowledge but you will also rise in the eyes of the listener.  Wisdom is often gained through listening.

If you just spare some moments to listen – to listen to your child, your parents, your siblings, or even your friends, things would definitely be different.  You would be enriched emotionally.   You would be respected for the patience shown. You would definitely grow stronger and you would soon be able to make decisions, as making your own decisions should be your prerogative.

Sometimes unspoken words like one’s body language speak a million words.  Therefore listen with your eyes. A teardrop can tell you whether it is a cry of sorrow or a joyful weep.  A shrug can tell you whether it is indifference or just being shy. The messages the eyes convey are innumerable – from sadness to happiness, from guilt to innocence, from fear to courage.  If you are so busy talking, can you observe these emotions?  Sometimes you need to listen to these nuances in silence.  In silence, you can listen to volumes. It is only when you listen that you can give an appropriate answer.  Therefore listen in silence and speak with wisdom – Give an ear but keep your head!

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