There is not a single person on this earth who has not committed a mistake.  Mistakes happen often unknowingly, carelessly.  Very often I have gone through sleepless nights regretting the mistake that I had made.  As time passes the mistake does not pinch you as much and the regret and guilt become diluted.  But those few days of guilt can drive you to do anything, sometimes it can even be destructive to you or the person concerned.  Instead of overcoming the mistake with despair, we wound and destroy ourselves more.

Pray that you may never face such a situation and if you have,  I hope it is in the past and forgotten.  A mistake made cannot be erased but at least reconciled.  Time helps forget, time helps heal.  Mistakes are made, and once repaired, forgotten.  It is the time between the mistake made and forgotten which is the worst period.  This is the period when you must tread carefully.  Everything is fragile, everyone is fragile.  Emotions are high-strung.  The mind is blocked.  Therefore do not act impulsively.  This is the delicate time when irreparable damage can occur.  Hold on. Take a deep breath.  Lay your hope on time if apologies don’t work.  But pray, hold on.  This feeling will pass.  Nothing lasts forever and one must be grateful for that.

Mistakes are a part of life, just remember the effect is not permanent.   It is not humanly possible to be perfect.  A few mistakes must be accepted.  Learning happens only through mistakes. When you avoid making mistakes others consider you reliable – when you make mistakes you teach others to be tolerable.  That does not mean you may keep making mistakes.  Avoid making mistakes,  but if you do commit a mistake don’t drown yourself in guilt.  And if someone else makes a mistake be gracious enough not to blow your top. Try to understand the situation because one day you could be on the other side. So beware!

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    Nice post 👌

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