Appreciate the simple extraordinary…

Recognize the works of an ordinary person in extraordinary circumstances. You will find innumerable people, ordinary, simple people who have done something extraordinary and yet have no one to applaud and appreciate.

Take for example an old lady of seventy in a crazy fit ran out of her simple abode in a village and in that state fell into a well.  No one knew where she was or what had happened to her until two days later when her faithful dog kept barking into the well thus bringing the attention of some passersby.  On looking into the well they discovered the old lady hanging onto the rung of the half-dried well.  When at last she was rescued and taken to the hospital, she lived through to tell her tale.  She couldn’t see the well in the dark but was determined to live as she wanted to see her son who had left for the city.  So she hung onto that rung for two whole days! This is a determination to live for love.

He is all of thirteen coming from a broken home.  He was physically abused by his father, then ran away to live with his grandparents who could not afford him so later lived with his single mother.  She was so distraught with her life that she underwent depression leaving this poor kid to fend for himself.  But he has managed to overcome all these thanks to his school and counsellors. This child has been adjudged the best singer in his school. He did not stop his passion to sing.

Such instances often go unnoticed because they do not crave the limelight, no fame, no name.  They have just acted out of impulse.  Many common people have done uncommon things in their ordinary life that could inspire so many of us.  Do you know of any such incidents that you could share?  Your contribution will be appreciated.

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  1. aryandcruz says:

    Wow, great post! 😍


  2. Great blog. Loved it👌


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