Duty and commitment often go hand in hand. During your lifetime, as time goes by, you are entrusted with innumerable duties to fulfill.  The different stages in life expect you to do your duty implicitly.  It is when you spurn your duty as a child, mother, father, brother or sister, is when your problems begin to form and escalate depending on your indifference towards your duty.  These are problems that you face in the inner circle of your society. 

Once you move out of your cocoon to face the world to build relationships, you slowly realize that you have been entrusted with duties, some even without your conscious knowledge. For example as a boyfriend, it is your duty to be on time for your date.  It is natural for you to put in efforts to reach on time.  And slowly these duties become your principle in life.  Therefore following the right principle and performing your duty as what your role demands,  makes living easy.  You are faced with fewer problems and you are never weighed down subconsciously of not performing your duty for the different roles that you play in life.

You are duty-bound throughout your life,  so avoid ignoring it to have a tension-free life.
One is so often entangled with duties that it sometimes can be overwhelming.  So hold on and perform your duties as it comes without going overboard.  There must be a limit drawn by you in accordance with what the situation demands.  Overdoing can also drain you physically as well as mentally.  Keeping a balance is the key to a satisfying life.  One of the ingredients of leading a happy and contented life is to perform your duties to the best of your abilities.  Of course, accepting or denying your duty is an individual’s prerogative but then if you do not accept your duty, can you live a guilt-free, satisfying life?  It is food for thought.

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  1. cdattatraya says:

    Sharing these key points is just like giving the best company anytime as a close and loving Friend!
    Thanks 😊 for the Mind freeness!!

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  2. shreya sinha says:


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  3. Owen says:

    Good stuff. Being diligent with duties and forming habits of discipline to help in that area is so important.

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