Pray, be human

One does not choose to be a man or woman.  Since the choice is not in our hands, it must be graciously accepted.  I am proud to be a woman and I am thankful to be born in the twentieth century.  Grateful that this century has uplifted women, empowered women despite there being cases of women abuse. 

It is not easy being a woman and I don’t want to get into known details.  Fortunately for some of us, we have been born into progressive families, educated with modern thoughts and accepted rational traditions.  However, there are many of my varied sisters who are not as fortunate.  Moreover being born in India, one is yoked with rituals, customs, and traditions that do not all cater to women and their freedom.  Yet in spite of all this, there has been an upward curve for women’s progress in at least the urban areas.

What every woman must understand and accept is that she is unique and she can be an achiever in whatever field she chooses.  She is more resilient than her counterpart, therefore she rebounds with greater force.

Today men and women must complement each other.  Both are incomplete without the other.  The world will stagnate if we are singularly left with either.  The only way we can change the debilitating mindsets of certain men and women is by educating and counseling them at home and at school.  The onus lies on the shoulders of parents first and then teachers to change the mindset of boys towards girls and vice versa.  If we fall back in society owing to abuses – physical and sexual, it is often because of childhood abuse of the perpetrator.  Therefore if each parent seriously accepts and makes it his/her responsibility to bring up and develop their children with the best they can, while simultaneously using other outside advantages to developing their offsprings, we will certainly have a better world.  Remember it is not only about being a man or woman, it is about being human.

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