Ray of Hope

She was just fifteen when she lost her father.  She had to shoulder responsibilities that were prematurely laid on her young shoulders.  She had to complete her education to get a decent job as she wanted to support her mother and her five-year-old sister.  She felt she had grown into an adult overnight.  Life was difficult and she slowly began to lose hope, the hope of having a normal life.

Not all of twenty-one and Raj was thrown from his bike to a wheelchair.  The accident spared his life but not his legs.  Life gave him a rude jerk that changed him forever.  He lost hope in himself and life itself.

Her son was her life until one visit to the doctor and her lifeline was soon to leave her and go.  She could not live without her son.  The doctors had given up.  She was beginning to lose hope.

In such circumstances, one needs the overpowering strength to hold on to hope.  Hope is your lifeline. We call it a ray of hope because that single steady light in your darkest hour can help you see and breathe again.  That ray of hope is what you need to hold on to and climb steadily to bathe in the sun.  The climb is difficult and it will be slow but you can be sure that you will see the sun.  This ray of hope comes in different forms, in different contexts, and in unconventional pretexts.  Just be vigilant, be aware, but do not lose hope.  There is always a tomorrow, another day, for the sun will be up to send its ray of hope to you.

Everything looks so simple on paper but it requires superhuman effort to calmly think, analyze and move on.   I don’t mean to preach or lecture, all I ask is to never fail or stop to hope because without hope there is no life left.  Today we all are living in faith and hope which is the key to being alive.  If you are breathing then you can continue to have hope, it will not go in vain.

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