Laughter, the only medicine…

Two families living in the same world but perceive life differently.  One believes in pushing oneself to succeed where success is measured by how much you earn and your bank balance, while family number two believes in making the most out of what life offers you, however small it may be.

What struck me most about the two families is that family number one took life so seriously that making a mistake meant doom, while family number two laughed at each other’s mistakes, not with derision but with encouragement.  So each one felt comfortable with the other, as mistakes were accepted without making the member feel embarrassed.  

The reason why I am differentiating between these families is that I couldn’t help but enjoy the few days I spent with family no.2 who laughed most of the time and rarely spoke about the hardships of life.  Time spent with them rejuvenated me.  And I realized the reason why family no. 1 never looked happy even though they had all the required luxuries of life.  They rarely sat together and laughed..laughed at a joke, an anecdote, or even at each other.  Life was taken so seriously by them that they forgot to leave some space for laughter.  

The constant frown on a laughter-less face causes wrinkles in the wrong places.  The atmosphere that you create around you with that frown, gravitates to your surrounding thus giving a grave and solemn effect to everything. Life is too short to spend time weighing and measuring each moment.  Rather enjoy and accentuate it with a stroke of laughter, to paint each vibrant moment for its nuances.
Laugh at life.  Laugh at extraordinary things.  Laugh at all that seems so ordinary.  Laugh with people, not at people.  Laugh to drive away gloom.  Cause laughter is the best medicine.  

During my early morning walks, I would hear a cacophony of laughter…I would see a varied age group of people under a mango tree laughing. They were members of the Laughter Club.  It amazed me to see them force laughter.  I was told laughter is the best way to relieve stress.  Laughter enhances your facial muscles.  Laughter releases happiness hormones.  Laughter helps you to live longer and gives you a stronger heart.  So friends make laughter a part of your daily life.  Laugh for yourself, sometimes at yourself and to yourself, for it boosts your health line. They say laugh away your blues…then you will appreciate life’s different hues.

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