Accept me!

Let me begin with my nose
That helps me breathe-
Flat, with tiny pores, not holes.

Then comes my lips,
Thick – looks as if just pasted
On clay by a clip.

And must I speak about my body
That is so heavy? but I manage
To hold on – no, I need nobody.

But why blabber about this?
Coz I’d rather say it
Than overhear it from another miss.

Let me live with pride, for it’s my skin
I don’t want you to undermine it.
Did I sneer and say, you are too thin?

Don’t paint me for want of beauty
And don’t judge me with my look
Let me be, so what I am not pretty!

Don’t run away from my presence
All I need is your acceptance
For who I am, with all my good sense.


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