Disappointments and expectations are the two tracks of life itself.  One cannot move on with life using just one track.  
Every one has expectations at different stages in one’s life.  A child has innumerable expectations from his/her parents, teachers, friends….as he grows his expectations veer towards his work and colleagues and then his newly made family.  In the course of his life’s journey he even faces disappointments.  These disappointments that are often tagged with expectations should not affect one’s perspective to life.  
Life goes on even if you take a halt owing to your disappointments, then why take your disappointments to heart?  I would advise, why even have expectations?!  Go with the flow, don’t let disappointments and expectations be the cause for the recurring halts in your life.  Do not let another person’s life choices be the cause of your disappointment.  Remember you cannot lay your cards on someone or something for which you cannot predict.  You cannot gamble on someone else or something that you have no control of.  So close your eyes and visualise only your road without tying strings on anyone or anything, then life’s journey gets lighter and of course better to manoeuvre.  It is a difficult task but not impossible.  

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