Anita is an ambitious Computer Engineer.  But she is afraid that she may lose her lucrative job because her Assistant seemingly knows to play her cards well when the boss is around. Somehow her assistant moves a step ahead of her as if she can read her mind.

Neil is struggling with his department head who is always standing like an intimidating wall when it comes to promotion.  Will he ever get the much-deserved promotion?

Zeba is not able to shine out on her college basketball team.  Her best friend steals the limelight.  She is afraid that she may not be selected in the team for the next match.

Somehow it is the best ones who have to climb the ladder the hardest.  Nothing comes easy.  You need to prove yourself with your undefeated action and patience.  Remember if you are good at what you do, no one can steal away what you deserve.  It is your insecurity that could be another’s reward.  Be sure and confident of what you are doing.  Continue to do it without feeling insecure with those at your periphery.  If they are good, you must genuinely appreciate them, learn from them, improve and improvise.  You then needn’t feel insecure.

Insecurity creeps in when the seemingly strong wall and the comfort zone built by you begin to crack by someone who has merely given it a shove.  It is then time to strengthen it. Be strong, accept defeat graciously,  dust yourself, and continue with renewed fervor – all will be well!

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