You are worth it!

For not even a moment must you feel otherwise.  God has created you with some flaws so that your good qualities shine out.  Do not underestimate God’s creation.

Remember to appreciate the qualities you have.  You are unique, therefore you will neither undermine yourself nor another.

If you recognize your flaws, good for you!  Improve upon them but do not hold yourself entirely responsible for your failures.  Give yourself concessions because you value yourself.

Be You, cause the fact that you are unique is enough for you to shine.  Imitation does not pay in the long run, because if someone scratches you deep then out comes the true You!  So be safe by being You.

When you are happy in your skin, you are comfortable anywhere.  Your physical appearance does not actually matter when you shine for what you are deep down.  They say even the Moon has its flaws but it continues to fascinate all.  It silently and surely does what it’s meant to do – shine!  So be happy, be confident, be You, cause you are worth it!

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