The Power of the Mind

The heart and the mind are the two most important entities that can rule a person.  Here I  specifically write about the mind.  The mind can make you do wonderful things.  That positive attitude is in the mind.  If you feel defeated, or victorious, it all lies in the mind.  

One can reach the heights of success but the idea must first enter the mind and then evolve to succeed.  The pain that one bears, physical or mental, it’s degree is all set in the mind.  The power to hold on to the end and release when one chooses to is also in the mind.  Therefore set your mind to doing the right things, set it to think positive, set it to believe in yourself, set it to succeed and everything follows.

Life is ruled by minds, minds that think in different ways.  Focus your mind on doing your best and the best will come out of it.  Believe you are healthy and good health will be yours.  Believe each day in the power of your mind, think good of yourself and others.  Do good for yourself and others, the rest falls in place.

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