Time to say “Stop!”

So important to say that one word at the right time.  Very often we suffer through without knowing that there is the word “Stop!” to relieve you or release you.

Say Stop, when you are bullied.  Whether at school, college, at work or even at home,  gain that strength to say Stop.  Be aware. Be smart. Be brave.

Say Stop, when you are taken for granted.  You are important.  You are an entity.  You have your own priorities.  You are not a puppet.

Say Stop, when someone is taking advantage of your kindness. Be kind to those who show you some grace

Say Stop, when you see someone is being cruel to animals, plants and the environment at large.  Those who are cruel to the things that can’t reciprocate, then they are cowards.

Say Stop, when you are beginning to get depressed.  Don’t wait to get walloped into the depths of darkness,  for then it is difficult to turn back. Rather distract yourself by playing your favourite music, watch your favourite video or movie.  Do something that will steer you away from depressing thoughts.

Say Stop, if you feel you are being mistreated.  It could be sorted out by a one to one conversation rather than continue to bear the unfair treatment.  Do not harbour false assumptions. Coming out clean with a proper conversation could help.

Say Stop, when you know that you are standing at the threshold of addiction.  Whatever the addiction it may be, the Stop must come from within you.

To say the word Stop needs courage and awareness,  for it to open doors.  It is difficult, but once you act on it, life begins to move in the right direction for you or to whomever you may have addressed it to.  So use the word with conviction, repetition and see the reaction –  you are definitely moving in the right direction!

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