Good Humour

The one who lives life with good humour as his/her companion is by far better equipped in facing life’s challenges than a person without it.  Often accepting your life’s turbulence and setting your sail in accordance to the direction of the wind is better than complaining about it. Kamla, a poor woman lives in a thatched house in the village.  When it rains during the monsoon it often gets washed off and she and her husband have to rebuild it again.  Rather than feeling pity for herself , she  says, ” I get a new house every year!”
It all depends on how you view your problems.  If you take it with a pinch of salt, it passes off without you even being aware of it.  You can be unhappy throughout the year for life always has its ups and downs.  This is where good humour comes in.  And this is one of the reasons why some look happier. Carry good humour on your shoulder and life’s burdens will feel lighter. Good humour will always give you the reason to smile. Laughing through life’s travails makes it easier to move on.  Remember troubles come to help you grow stronger and it will pass…shame it by laughing it off!

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  1. aryandcruz says:

    Wow, great post! Keep up the good work!

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    1. Thank you so much for reading it.

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