Growing old Gracefully

Growing old is a natural phenomenon.  All will reach the stage but the difference is all reach that stage at their pace.  Some grow old sooner than others.  Some don’t look old even though they may be old while some look older than their actual age.
Old age stays with those who believe they are old – sometimes older than necessary.

I know of an old young lady who at the age of seventy looks forty because she is so positive towards life.  She continues to do her household chores and pursues her hobbies. She is readily accepting all the new technologies that today’s world has to offer without cynicism or criticism.  She is open to learning, thanks to her amused grandchildren who are ever ready to teach her all that comes her way.
Mr. X is eighty who takes a walk every day at six in the morning, reads the entire newspaper, and is abreast with the current world news who will not hesitate to debate on politics with whoever is ready to give an ear to him and completes his household chores happily.  He alone tends to his ailing wife who is bedridden.

During the process of my observation of these two wonderful people, I discerned that the thought of getting old is in itself a great deterrent in the process of growing old.  These two awesome human beings do not consider themselves old, rather they have accepted the fact and are ready to move on with it by not making it a disadvantage.

The most important point of growing old gracefully is to not look at age with disdain.  You cannot stop yourself from growing old so learn to accept it and move ahead.  Here are a few tips to help you begin in the right direction.

Exercise daily.  Whether you walk, do some breathing exercise, or even yoga,  exercising keeps that positivity alive.

Eat mindfully.  Accept the fact that you cannot munch on food that you once could gorge on.
Time becomes an important companion now.  Eat on time and sleep on time.  Eat early, sleep early. 

Chat with your grandchildren.  They are your stress boosters.  They are your knowledge givers.  They are your teachers.  If you have no grandchildren or they live far away, befriend some children and entertain and enjoy them.  It is only children who can make you feel young or even forget your blues.

Regular health check-ups.  It saves you from learning about a health issue before it is too late. It gives you a feeling of well being after each successful check-up and helps you give that spring to your everyday life.

Give space to your children.  Do not complain even if you want to, because the more you complain the further they go.  Be independent.  Watching your independent streak, children feel relaxed and relieved.  This will bring them closer to you.

Last but not the least, groom yourself.  Dress well.  Take pains to look good.  So what if you are old and you feel that no one is going to look at you.  Please remember that when you look at yourself in the mirror you should feel good.  That will boost you. Your self-esteem will rise and will in turn help you move on.

So good luck to all you young friends.  It is never too late to change your mindset.  Do it before you are on the threshold of the age that threatens you.

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  1. Nita Nair says:

    love this one!!

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    1. Thanks . Thank you so much for reading 😊


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