The word carries so much weight and I mean figuratively.  It is something that everyone, whether old or young needs to carry on their shoulders.  Some have a heavier responsibility while others escape by carrying a lighter weight.  It all depends on how you are able to shoulder it till the end of your goal.  It is undoubtedly an important ingredient in making your life happier.

You are responsible for so many things as an individual.  As a child, you have the responsibility of being a good son or daughter and even a parent.  You have the exemplary responsibility as a sibling.  As a student, you have a responsibility towards your teachers, school, and parents.  And as you grow into an adult the responsibilities increase ten-fold.  If you take these responsibilities as a burden during your journey in life then life itself becomes burdensome and prosaic.  There will be no spark or spice in life.  To make your life happier, it is important for you to accept your responsibilities gracefully without rebellion. Sift them and prioritize them so that you avoid getting depressed for reasons of not fulfilling them.  This is the only way to lighten the so-called burden that you carry on your shoulder.

A person who avoids taking responsibilities is often an insecure person or perhaps he/she knows how much he/she is capable of.  Some basic responsibilities cannot be avoided.  Since we live in a society, we must take up the responsibility of a parent, sibling, spouse, and eventually, the occupation that you take up, asks for it.  But strangely,  all do not shoulder their responsibility happily which makes all the difference in one’s life. 

 The satisfaction that one gets on accomplishing a responsibility is inexpressible.  Each accomplished responsibility enhances your self-esteem and thus boosts you further.  You feel successful and at peace.  Therefore welcome responsibility with open arms only if you are certain to accomplish them. That is of course if you are given the choice.  Otherwise, smile and accept it graciously, however big or small. Remember, responsibilities are a part of life and your maturity is dependent on the responsibilities you take or accept and vice versa.

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    Great Post! Keep up the great work!

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