It undoubtedly rules our life.  Without it, we are doomed and helpless.  Our entire life revolves around it.  Today whatever we do, we do for money.  What do we do for ourselves?

Whatever we earn seems less to us.   While our wants keep increasing, it has no proportion to our earnings.  Some of us have come to love money, some worship it while some hate it for reasons better known to them.  In short, we are entirely under its authority.  Our entire life is spent on gaining it.  In the process, we are losing ourselves and our purpose to life itself.

During this pandemic, I imagined a life without money.  A life where all lived as much as their immediate need was.  No hoarding, no greed, just living and enjoying the fruits of nature.  All having one aim and that is to live and let live.  I believed this would help us live in peace and harmony as all would have sufficient to eat which is the basic need.  Then you could be free to pursue your passion, talent, or hobby without the underlying fear of trying to earn a living.  When no one tries to gain more than the other, living with the assurance that there is sufficient in the Universe, there will be no craving for more.

But man is a complex animal.  He cannot live simply because he is curious to know more and want more and then the evil cycle begins of want and desire then greed which is the root cause of all problems, according to Buddha.  On realizing this, my utopian dream got shattered.  The dream seemed an impossible reality but it made me happy for sometime imagining people entering shops and buying whatever they needed without the fear of depletion. Entering hospitals without paying but being cared for. Entering restaurants and being served without paying for the meal.  If such a situation does occur, will every man give back to society in the same manner without holding back selfishly?  What a wonderful life it would be! A happier one for sure.  But alas! It is so far out of reality.

Today the root cause of most emotional problems is financial strain and most relationship problems occur also due to financial strain.  Most crimes today are committed due to greed for more.  Is the world moving in the right direction?  Is it too late to change one’s course?

Friends, before we get swallowed by our own greed and needs,  let us stop to think and ask ourselves whether is money alone the end result of our happiness? 

Money cannot buy you happiness or love because money is not an emotion. It is a material that can perish.  Remember all perishable items cannot hold for long, so invest in something whose value will not perish but give you unending happiness.  Happiness is subjective.  What is good for you is not always good for another. Therefore, spend time searching for that happiness.  Life is short, don’t waste it by carrying burdens, instead live your life doing what you love and money will be yours because you value your every action, money will automatically value you. 

Talk with Money

Money, you have entered my world
And all because of me
You have some worth.
Your presence keeps me happy,
Your absence makes me yearn.
You, yes you are important to me.

Money, I work for you,
Sometimes, even live for you.
But you can be so elusive…
Why do you thrive in some places,
And are indifferent at others?
God, do I need to manipulate you?!

Money, you are my companion
I need you wherever I go
Or whatever I do
But please don’t by-pass
My good nature by taking charge
Of my life and all that I do.


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