Friends don’t waste your time in gossip.  It does not help you nor the person being spoken of.  Gossips only move in one direction.  Without knowing the clear picture, stories are made till it blows out of proportion.  If you are so concerned about the person it is better to be brave enough and confront the subject and find out the truth rather than watch the twisted story grow into an ugly one.  Giving a ear to it and carrying it forward is not worth your precious time so avoid being a part of such acts. Gossip is only a waste of time. It is of-course difficult staying away from it as it is the most tempting act and at times it gives spice to a mundane life.  However, in the long-run you are not portraying the best side of yourself by being a party to demeaning someone.  Gossip is the hiss that travels from one ear to another whose content is often stretched longer than expected.  Gossip mongers have less work or hate work and use gossip as an escape from work.  When you are busy with matters of more importance you are more constructive and effective so evade gossip and all those who indulge in it because it reduces your personal graph of performance.


A whisper in the ear,

A hidden sneer,

What today you hear,

Is doubled over the year.

It’s often a small talk made tall,

That creeps its way over the wall,

All want to watch the gall,

Of the one who is made to fall.

It hisses like a snake,

It slithers in the wake,

Its not for you to take,

Leave it alone for god’s sake.


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