Salt ‘n Pepper

Last Sunday my kids were fighting for the salt n pepper at the breakfast table . The two most important ingredient for your eggs- sunny side up! This brought about a thought to my mind. Just like salt n pepper, we need each other to make our life a little tastier,  whether black or white, both are important to give flavour to the egg, i.e. in other words,  our world.  Why make a distinction when each is important in its own individual way?  We have moved ahead by leaps and bounds to a  modern and a technically advanced world,  then why are we falling back on social issues?
Indians are still burning with caste issues despite hundreds of years of trying to reform everyone’s thinking.  The world today is torn between religion, colour and race.  Today we have come back full circle to where we were centuries ago. Dark days, destruction and mayhem is what we see today. So although we have improved in every way that is materialistic, we haven’t changed in our minds.  No progress, no improvement and no advancement.  We have nothing to brag about our generation cause we achieved nothing, rather we are sliding backwards and speeding up !  Before it is too late friends , let us be the change.  Change your mindset by bringing a change within you!  Discard  ideas that are detrimental to society at large.  Live and let live. Ours is a complex society but if each understands the importance of the other, our world will be a better place to live.  Let us be the salt n pepper to our world!

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