Release the old for the new

The much awaited Christmas season is just round the corner and how many are cutting corners to make it a memorable Christmas?  This pandemic has played havoc into many lives causing distress and despair to many families.  This Christmas will be different for many of us.  Low keyed and perceptual .  Many of us have now learnt to accept an uncertain future.  Having lost relatives, loved ones and even just acquaintances,  it is not easy to come to terms with life so soon.  However, Christmas is a joyous season bringing in promise and hope, therefore shed away all your apprehensions, anxieties and sorrow and lift yourself to the joy of giving love and happiness to those around you.  Be optimistic, hopeful and trust that the future will hold good for you even if everything seems the opposite.  Remember, this too shall pass and you will soon be facing the future stepping forward into the new year with renewed hope. To make the last month of this year a memorable one, remember :

To sing along with
All your favourite songs.
To cook n eat
All your favourite dishes with your loved ones
To throw away 
All clutter n bad memories.
To smile at
All those whom you have often seen but not acknowledged
To be able to reach out to
All those who are underprivileged
To visit an old/senior family member
All because you want to make a difference! 

If you remember to do at least few of the above,  you will feel refreshed for the coming year.  You can welcome a new You ! So let’s put our right foot forward and step into the coming year full of positivity .  Merry Christmas and have a great year friends!

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