There is a fine line of difference between jealousy and envy.  While jealousy is suspicious possessiveness, envy is just wanting. 
I can be envious of many things that my neighbour has but I can be evil by being jealous.  How is that?  I could purposefully break my friend’s delicate crockery owing to jealousy.  That my dear friend is evil. And I could just be envious of her crockery and do nothing about it.  If I let it pass eventually, it is neither harmful to me nor my friend.
Jealousy can drive you to do the worst things possible which can cause harm to you and the victim.
Siblings are often jealous of each other.  It could be because of a wrong notion they are harbouring about each other which leads to sibling rivalry and can sometimes be carried forward to adulthood.
Husband and wife can have jealousy between themselves which can be resolved only by coming to terms with each other, communicating and above all understanding. 
Colleagues too cannot be ignored here.  So many games played against each other just to win over the boss. It sometimes seems so ridiculous!
Have you ever stopped to think that the person who is jealous of you thinks very low of himself? His insecurity makes him act in such a ridiculous manner, only to overcome his/her shortcomings.
We need to feel sorry for such souls.  They need to be calmed and told that you are not taking part in the rat race and that it is pointless for him/her to run alone.
 Ignoring  is another tool you can use against such jealous people.  Where siblings are concerned, parents please talk to your children and make them feel loved.  Sometimes we unknowingly pat the back of one child while ignoring the other. Then keep in mind that the next time is the other one’s turn.
Don’t let this dangerous creature creep into your life.  If you let it grow, it can destroy all that you have carefully built around you – whether close relationships or just material things. So beware!

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    Liked it . A good read

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