Life can become an ordeal if you live with fear. Break the shackles of fear if you want to live and breathe freely.  People have different kinds of fears – fear of heights, fear of insects, fear of failure….so many,  that writing them down will fill my page.  Sometimes I am just fearful and anxious for no particular reason.  It all stems from the mind.  Some fears need medical treatment if it goes beyond acceptance but what about those fears that are unexplained but can be overcome by yourself?  Such as fear of losing , fear of being defeated, fear of not reaching your goals, fear of not being able to be a good parent…and the most common one being fear of the future. The list never ends.
Fear can hinder your progress and development.  Fear can cause a scar to your personality.  Fear can continue to get hold of you through the end of your life if you do not recognise it’s flaw and understand how it is affecting your life.  Your effort to stop it from eating away the best opportunities in life is what is required.
How can you overcome fear?  The best way is to believe in yourself.  When you believe you can do and have the faith, every thing falls in place.  That belief must be strong. 
I am a self taught cook and there were times when during the cooking process I would fear that the much awaited dish would turnout to be a failure. When I cooked with this thought, the dish never ended up good.  However the times I have cooked fearlessly, the food would be excellent.  This is just a small example.
Remember nothing works better with a dash of confidence and faith in yourself.  The brave-hearts always reach their goal.
Be fearless and confident , the result is always good if the effort is pure.
The only way to break away from the fetters of fear is to let faith step in.  It helps perceive the problem with a different eye.

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