A young girl was returning home with her father after a check up when on the way her father felt dizzy.  She tried to hold his hand to support him as he was a tall man.  The house was close by but that day the distance from the doctor’s place to their home seemed far.  Luckily there was a car parked at the sidewalk and the owner was probably waiting for someone. On discerning that they seemed to be in trouble, the car owner quickly asked her father to rest in the car.  He even offered to drive them home.
A lady at the mall was struggling with her shopping bag which looked rather over full.  Fortunately a young man watching her struggle came quickly to her aid.  He carried her heavy bag to her car and even stacked it neatly inside.
A twelve year old school boy tripped from the stairs of his school soon after the school bell rang for leaving home.  A classmate quickly came to his aid and helped the bleeding boy to the infirmary and ran to inform his teacher knowing that she would leave for the day if he did not reach on time.

These are small examples of strangers helping when in need.  But there are many who ignore such incidents intentionally because either they are afraid to help or just don’t want to.  The reason could be because of so much distrust hovering around us,  it is pulling us away from doing any good deed .  

Helping someone in need can bring a smile and a word of blessing.  The person need not be a close friend or relative.  Because the bond that lies in such relationships will definitely induce you to help, but helping a stranger is far more greater.  If the world had more helping hands then what a harmonious world it would be!  Together we could make it a better world.  A world where we could trust the stranger walking down the street alongside you.  Without the fear that the stranger across has an untold hatred towards your kind while you are just an innocent party holding no grudges just living because you have the right to.  Then surely you also must have the right to be helped.  Because remember, tomorrow could be your turn.

Stretch out a helping hand without thinking whether the hand belongs to a white, brown or black. The blood that flows in the veins is always red wherever you come from.  We all belong to the human race, so stretch out and show you care!

Stretch out that hand

Stretch out your hand
And help that stranger
Who needs to be pulled
Out of danger.

Stretch out your hand
And help that man
Who needs a drink
Save him from a severe tan

Stretch out your hand
And help that lady
Who has no one
She needs a home not a landlady!

Stretch out your hand
And help that lad
Who seems so lost
Show him the way, he’ll be glad.

Stretch out your hand
And help those in need
Be aware  – not always wary
For trust, today we need to breed.


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