It is the safest place to be in especially when the world outside is so demanding and tumultuous now, what with Covid 19 and it’s effects.  I love my home. Just to be encompassed within the four walls (that does not denote imprisonment or shackles but rather the freedom) to be who you are and what you are without false pretenses is the ultimate comfort and relief.

Your home maybe small, insufficient and full of discomfort in the eyes of another but to you it is your home sweet home.  That unique smell of your home, it’s warmth, the furnitures around and even that potted plant is somehow connected to you.

A home is sweet only if you make it sweet.  For some entering one’s home is an ordeal.  Making a home is the responsibility of each and every individual living in the house. Only then can you enjoy every corner of your home.  When good feelings for each other flow within the walls of the home then that home will always have the best weather inside however stormy or cold  it maybe outside.

A home is not made of bricks n stone but of love and understanding.  The more of love and understanding, the bigger the house grows.  Differences will always be present in every home but it is upto you to think of ways to deal with it. The outcome must be for the good of everyone living inside. 
Remember it is only your home where your laughter and tears will be understood.  Your home is like a mirror, it reflects all the good and the bad.


My home
Is not just brick n cement
It is flesh n blood made permanent.

My home
Is not just walls n windows
It is life n spirit that shows.

My home
Is not just art n paint
It is words crossed not taken as complaint.

My home
Is not just my hearth
It is a place to bloom without dearth.

My home
May it hold dear for all
Who enter it come again -happiness et al.


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  1. Florence Lobo says:

    Liked it. Exactly my sentiment


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