Dr. Glenn Cunningham, ran the world’s fastest mile.  The lower half of his body had got burnt when he was a young boy.  But that disability was not a deterrent to him to run the fastest mile.  Where there is a will there is a way.  If you believe you have lost then you have.
Michael Jordan  the legendary basketball player who missed more than 9000 shots, did not lose hope but persevered. He never accepted failure which was the main reason he succeeded.
Milkha Singh India’s great athlete failed a number of times and through all odds managed to achieve success with sheer determination.  
These are just a few I have mentioned from many other success stories of not just sportsmen but other great individuals who have achieved unbelievable feats in his/her field.
These individuals are inspirations to help us lift ourselves not just from the drudgery of every day life but also from a hopelessness that sometimes surrounds us.
If they could do it with all the adversities, then so can you. Life tests our patience and you can come out of it only with a mind-set to succeed.
In short all the above players had one thing in common and that is consistency and determination..
The attitude of these players is enough to tell us that determination is one of the key ingredient for achieving success. These sportsmen are best examples for us to follow the mantra – never give up!

Never Give Up!

The world has not yet
Come to an end
Keep your spirit up dear friend
So don’t give up….

The sun has not yet
Stopped shinning
There is a cloud with a silver lining
So don’t give up….

The game is not yet
Over and done with
Tomorrow is another day to win it
So don’t give up…..

You’re not down ‘n out yet
From this unkind world
 For there’s a ray of hope in gold
So never give up….


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