I am an introvert.  I hate socialising.  I could live my entire life buried under books – just being with myself and munching away a snack.  But life does not let you be the way you want it to be always.  I have had to make adjustments, faced alot of indifferences and I have tried to overcome this difficulty in my own way without losing myself in the making.
I have been a loner and am quite happy with it although there are so many disadvantages to it.  But I am me.  

What about  those who entirely depend upon friends?  Their lives revolve around them in such a way that they actually lose themselves.  This is for those who are blinded with the decisions made by their friends for not their own but their friends’ advantage.

A child once stole money from the students of another class to treat his class friends .  When asked what was the need to act in this manner, his reply was that he wanted to be accepted by his friends and the only way to do it was to treat his friends with what they loved – icecream!

In today’s world there is immense peer pressure.  Children face alot of problems in school, especially teenagers.  If you do not follow the group norms then you are ridiculed.  You are judged according to what you wear and the material things you have.  The fear of being left alone is what drives these teenagers to do what is against their character.  It is up to parents to advise their children to not fear being ostracized from their peer group.  Tell them how valuable they are to themselves and to you.  Tell them that such matters are trivial and you are always there for support.  Show them how good they are and build their self-esteem.  Make your child strong and help him believe in himself.  This wiil help him choose his friends wisely.  When you start young, you will never falter in choosing the right friend.  It is better to have one good friend  than ten bad ones.

Friends are an important part of one’s social life.  You need them for several reasons. Good friends give you their shoulder to cry on.  Good friends criticise you without hurting you.  Good friends know you and your idiosyncrasies.  Good friends advise you.  Good friends come to your aid without hesitation.  If your friend does not show any of the above sensitivity towards you, then he/she is not your friend.  You are better off alone.   If you are one of the lucky ones then hold them close to your heart and reciprocate the loyalty they offer you unconditionally because good friends are rare.  They are precious. 


This world is knitted with friends
You’ll need them if not now, in the end
Friends are life’s tutor
They are like you – a human creature
They have their good and bad
They are happy sometimes sad
They have emotions like you and me
They even make mistakes like we

A friend you’ll always need
But not unless you sow a seed
A friend if true
Will stand by you

A friend  will help you trod
On a difficult road
Through wind and storm
Gift you flowers sans the thorn

A friend will stretch a helping hand
When you’re in a strange land
He’ll also treasure the trust
To gift you first

So open your arms to the best
For they have passed the test
And when you have reached your prime
They’ll hold on until the end of time.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Krisha says:

    Beautifully written ❤️ loved the poem!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Krisha. This is dedicated to all my lovely friends- the few that I have are really special..


  2. Suju Samuel says:

    Loved the way you could express friend… Loved the humility and simplicity in it. 🥰


  3. Florence Lobo says:

    Its hard to come by good friends . Your lucky if u get a best friend of ur choice.

    Liked by 1 person

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