Who does not want sucess?  But who wants to put an effort to climb the ladder of success? Those who strive hard are successful.

Does success mean fame and money ?  Yes, in a way that is universally accepted to be termed as success.  However, if you have achieved the goal that you have set for yourself, even if it is small in comparison to the hero on a banner, then you are successful.

Do not measure success to what your neighbours have or have achieved. Measure your success with the achievement of the goal that you have set for yourself .  I have always wanted to be a writer.  It took me alot of time to achieve this goal because of circumstances and also because I wandered off from my goal in between my life schedules.  Now that I have achieved my goal, I am a satisfied writer and what I get through it , is my bonus!

The world has set it’s standards of success.  If you wish , you can follow the world or just continue to be successful with yourself. The choice is yours.  Remember the ladder of success is limitless.  You can climb the ladder at your pace if the ladder is yours and also be ready to face disappointments along the way.  Either way you will come out strong if you are determined.  Beware, the ladder is often steep and the rungs sometimes rickety.  Hold strong and the crown is yours!


I saw the ladder of success
‘Twas standing so close to me
Leaning like a tall tower 
And beckoning me.

High above were rungs of gold
And a bejewelled crown
Down below rickety rungs of old
I was afraid I’d fall down

Temptation was strong and I climbed
But fell a hundred times
I saw the wounds and felt the tears
God! Didn’t I want to turn back in fear!

But then the ladder so tall and tempting
I could see myself climbing
Yes one day I shall see myself on top
Wearing that bejewelled crown!


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